Links of the Week

I’ll be doing Log Buffer – Carnival of Vanities for DBAs next week. As a practice run, here are the posts I’ve read and loved last week:

Kevin Closson wrote about configuring lots of DBWR processes, I’ve read the first article, but now he already has two new posts on the subject. He really gives good specific advice on when you need multiple DBWR processes and how to configure your system for maximum efficiency in this case.

Dizwell posted an article going over all the new parameters in Oracle 11g.

Gregory Guillou at Pythian Blogs wrote an excellent article about the SQL Performance Analyzer in 11g, with the most detailed example imaginable.

I’ve discovered utPLSQL, a unit test framework for PL/SQL developers. Guaranteed to improve your life and your code.

Citrix bought XenSource. I think its pretty important news which very few people noticed.

Jeff’s business and technology blog posted What Databases should do for me. A post with significant number of factual mistakes but with an interesting idea about automatic indexes.

You can also find a good article on how to install 11g on NFS over at Oracle-Base.

Enjoy the week and don’t forget to check back on Friday for the real Log Buffer!

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