Oracle Performance Training with Kyle Hailey

On Friday, I’ve been to a training day with Kyle Hailey, organized by North California Oracle User Group.

It was really a great experience. The first part of the day was dedicated to ASH – v$active_session_history. We learned how to use the data, how to use the related graphs in Enterprise Manager, and how to get similar data when you don’t have the ASH table (ASH requires 10g and a special license). I already worked with ASH before, but it was still very interesting and usefull.

The second part of the day was dedicated to specific wait events – why they happen and how to deal with them. The talk was very technical – including overviews of the buffer cache memory management (I didn’t know Oracle keeps the buffer cache in a hash table), and explanations of all the scenarios where you can run into TX-Enqueue lock. There are more scenarios than you think, and most of them will be hell to debug.

We also received a copy of “Oracle Wait Interface: A Practical Guide to Performance Diagnostics and Tuning”, I’ve starting reading it during the weekend and it seems like a useful and interesting book. Maybe I’ll review it when I’m done.

I was really impressed by the audience. No one asked stupid and annoying questions, on the contrary, many people had very insightful comments and questions. Everyone I talked to during the breaks was interesting, had interesting experiences to share and great comments when listening to my war stories. Can you tell I’ve had fun? I’ve also learned that I’m probably the only DBA who did not try ASM yet. I really have to get to it.

So, hurray to NoCoug who organized this great day. I strongly recommend Kyle Hailey’s talk to all DBAs.

One Comment on “Oracle Performance Training with Kyle Hailey”

  1. Asif Momen says:

    “Oracle Wait Interface: A Practical Guide to Performance Diagnostics and Tuning” is my favorite one.

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