Recommended articles from Metalink

Another DBA team in the company hired a consultant to review and comment on their RAC installations, and they shared his report with us. Some of the recommendations were rather mysterious and involved changing kernel parameters I was not used to changing, so I decided to look around metalink to see if these parameters and their effects are documented somewhere.

I didn’t find what I was searching for. I have lots of trouble getting the metalink search engine to find anything useful for me. Oracle can probably get rid of many support calls by making a deal with google and using them for the metalink search. But while I was looking, I ran across two cool articles.

Note:265262.1 – Things to Know About Linux
A very cute document summarizing everything a DBA ever wanted to know about Linux, or almost. Links to installation guides, useful prerequisites and parameters, how to find out important information (like whether you are running 64 bit or 32), how to relink the kernel and even debugging tools.
A must read, must bookmark, print and hang besides the desk. This one is a keeper.

Note:169706.1 – Oracle Database on AIX,HP-UX,Linux,MacOSX,Solaris,Tru64 Operating Systems Installation and Configuration Requirements Quick Reference (8.0.5 to 10.2)
They are cheating with the name – the document also include 11g.
A useful and concise summary of the installation pre-reqs on unix platforms. Nice if you are doing many installations on different platforms and are tired of looking up a specific detail in a huge installation manual.