Excited about NoCOUG Winter Conference

NoCOUG is hosting its winter conference next week – On February 11th.
As usual, we’ll have the best speakers and presentations ever. This time I’m extra happy because two of the speakers that are going to be there, Dr. Neil Gunther and Robyn Sands, are there because I was wowed by them in a previous conference and asked our Director of Conference Programming to invite them. And they agreed! I believe it is the first time that either of them presents at NoCOUG and I’m very excited about this.

I’m sure I don’t need to introduce Robyn Sands to any Oracle professional – She’s an OakTable member who talks a lot about the right ways to manage performance. She is very scientific and precise but she gives very practical advice that is very applicable.

Dr. Neil Gunther is a well known performance expert. So well known that he has his own Wikipedia article. I first ran into his work when I did performance testing work, something like 6 years ago. From his articles, I learned the importance of having performance models without which you cannot interpret your results and know when your tests were faulty. I ran into him again when Tanel Poder mentioned that Dr. Neil Gunther is now doing work that will be relevant to Oracle professionals. He appeared in HotSos few years back and now we get to see him at NoCOUG – with both a keynote session and a technical session. He invited the crowds to ask questions at his blog, so you can participate.

In addition to these two prestigious names, we have few local celebrities giving presentations: Ahbaid Gaffoor, lead DBA at Amazon, will show his make-based deployment methodology. If you don’t have a deployment methodology, this presentation is a must-see. Maria Colgan will give a presentation about data loading for data warehouses. Although she’s an Oracle presenter, which sometimes means “marketing”, Maria is smart and knowledgeable and if you are doing data warehouse work – she is worth listening to.

I’ll be presenting “What Every DBA Should Know About TCP/IP Networks”. The presentation is about network problems I’ve had to solve in the last year and how I solved them with some basic knowledge of networks, a packet sniffer and an envelope. If you ever wondered how to make your network admin take you seriously, how to get more bang from your bandwidth and whether or not you should care about your SDU, you should definitely show up.

I’m looking forward to meeting old and new friends in the conference. Its going to be a blast.

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