RMOUG Presentations

Like many other DBAs, I’ll be attending RMOUG training days conference on Feb 17-18 in Denver. I’ll give two presentations in the conference. On the same day, just thinking about it makes me exhausted.

The first presentation is “Everything DBAs need to know about TCP/IP Networks”. Here’s the paper and the slides. I’ll also present this at NoCOUG‘s winter conference in Pleasanton, CA. Maybe you prefer to catch me there.

The second presentation is “Analyzing Database Performance using Time Series Techniques”. Here’s the paper and the slides.

I still have time to improve the presentations and papers – so comments are very welcome 🙂

4 Comments on “RMOUG Presentations”

  1. > TCPDump is a command line packet analyzer that exists for most Unix systems

    Really? we mostly use iptrace on AIX and snoop on Solaris. I guess HPUX guys use nettl or netfmt.

    Or did you mean most Unixes = oracle linux, redhat linux, ubuntu 😆

  2. prodlife says:

    Thanks for reading the paper! I’m pretty sure TCPDUMP wasn’t on the slides and it was a long paper too 🙂

    TCPDUMP exists for all unixes. It is opensource and was compiled successfully on AIX, HPUX, Solaris, etc. It may not be what you get by default or even the most popular, but since I gave hints on how to use it, I mentioned that it is useful no matter what is your server.

    Obviously if you have another favorite tool on your favorite OS, use it. But if you don’t – TCPDump is not a bad choice.

  3. well, it is not about “favorite”, it is just that we do not download and install opensource on our db servers 🙂

    snoop is probably my favorite anyway …

  4. […] is also a frequent presenter at the conferences such as RMOUG10, Hotsos09, OOW09 and […]

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