Good Stuff

Oracle Open World! I’ll be there, and so will lots of other cool people. Don’t miss the blogger meetup where we’ll all hang out 🙂 Don’t miss the unconference. The line-up is better than what I see at most events – Greg Rahn, Cary Millsap, Kelvin Closson, Rob van Wijk, Alex Gorbatchev, Richard Foote and I will all be there.

Dr. Neil Gunther! One of the top most performance specialists. His blog is not easy to read, and is not strictly Oracle related, but I’m always glad I take the time to read it because I learn so much. Its also quite entertaining (for load testing nerds). For example: “Without knowing any details, I can see is that the test rig was driven into saturation, starting with the first concurrent request! Therefore, the first data points provide all the comparison information. The other measurements are redundant (log axis or no). So, what’s the point of the plot?”. Oh, and he also has good twittings!

Exadata v2! A DB server so fast the only way to describe it is ridiculous! There’s still not a lot of technical information out there about it, but the FAQ is a good start.

Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting Seminar at NoCoug Unbelievable, but two month before the event 50% of the sits are already taken. If you are interested, you should probably hurry up. Early bird registration ends in a week. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Shell tricks! Don’t know about you, but I still do my scripting with BASH. Jared Still posted some useful tricks.

Please post more cool stuff in the comments. Also suggestions for books I should read on my daily 3 hour train commute to OpenWorld will be nice.

5 Comments on “Good Stuff”

  1. Nigel Thomas says:

    Thanks for the Neil Gunther reference – I was hooked straight away. I’m particularly enjoying his tact and diplomacy 🙂

  2. exadata2, not a really good news for HP, is it? Well, too bad they stick to cheap processor architecture 😐

    good luck for your conference

    • prodlife says:

      Hi Lo,

      Actually, I doubt if it matters much to HP. Its not like Exadata was ever a big part of HP income. Its not even a tiny dot on the graphs, you know…
      The printers still sell quite well 🙂

      Will you be at OOW this year?

  3. Mark says:


    The extdata numbers from oracle might be a little too good to be true at this stage:

    Will have to see how it plays out. Enjoy OOW, it’s always a blast


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