OOW09 – Tradition Edition

This year will be my third time I’m attending Oracle Open World. When you do something every year for 3 years in a row, you develop few traditions around it.

Even though I know I always have an amazing time there, I’m always worried before. I remember the commute, and the fatigue and the boring marketing contents. Somehow the memories of great discussions in the OTN lounge with amazing people are less vivid. So being anxious before is definitely a tradition.

Some traditions do not continue – this year there seem to be no blogger meeting. I guess I’ll need to be a bit more proactive about meeting my online colleagues. Like, email everyone to check if they will attend OOW and ask if they want to date me 🙂 You can also leave a comment here if you want to hang out together.

A tradition I hope not to continue is over-scheduling sessions. I looked for presenters I know, especially those I enjoyed in previous years. Some Streams and RAC 11gr2 sessions, to make sure I keep on top of my favorite technologies. I made it a habit to attend “Current Trends in Real World Performance” session – it is consistently the most enlightening session in OpenWorld. I’ll probably rewrite my schedule few times before the conference, and few times a day during the conference. Thats traditional too.

I’m excited to continue the tradition (started last year) of giving an Unconference session at OpenWorld. Last year was my first ever Oracle presentation – I gave a live demo of streams configuration and troubleshooting. It was wonderful. This year I feel like a veteran presenter – I gave 4 presentations at conferences in the last year. I am going to talk about graphical methods (under the sexy name – visualization). To be honest, I still don’t know what exactly I’ll talk about. I have lots of ideas – using charts to explore the data and solve problems, using charts to prove a point in reports and presentations, how not to lie or confuse when charting data. I plan for lots of examples. I’m looking forward to cooking all these ingredients into one delicious presentation.

I’m presenting on Monday, 4pm – looking forward to see you all there, because meeting amazing people is my favorite OOW tradition.

9 Comments on “OOW09 – Tradition Edition”

  1. Au contraire, there IS an blogger meetup; Alex G. is in charge this year.

  2. prodlife says:


    Thanks for letting me know! Looking forward to see you there 🙂

  3. I also regret the absence of a blogger meetup, but I realize that at least two of the people who are active in those blogger meetups will probably not be able to attend Oracle OpenWorld this year. Perhaps something may emerge in the next month or so.

    I gave a (non-technical) Unconference presentation last year, but couldn’t come up with a suitable topic this year so I probably won’t be presenting again. I do, however, plan to attend Unconference sessions when possible. I currently have an open slot in my schedule Monday at 4pm; I’ll try to make it to your session.

    My regular conference session attendance will be focused on 11gR2; one of my co-workers is actually presenting on this topic, so I definitely plan to see these sessions.

    Definitely looking forward to the conference!

  4. And I just read Justin’s comment. Good news!

  5. Greg Rahn says:

    “Current Trends in Real World Performance” is also at the top of my list as well (wink). See you there.

  6. moshez says:

    Suggestion: Title your talk “How to Lie with Visualization”, and pepper it with all the typical lies/mistakes people make. It’s a cheap gimmick, but an effective one 🙂

  7. It’s been a year allready…. Sadly enough Frits is not joining us this year in the OTN lounge 😉

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