I Love NoCoug Training Days

Sometimes, life kind of loops on itself. A circle closes. You find yourself at the same spot you were two years ago, but from a completely different viewpoint.

Flashback two years and few month back: I’ve recently relocated to the US. I’m somewhat of an Oracle newbie, but I know that there are all kinds of cool DBA stuff going on, and I desperately want to be part of it. My colleagues tell me that HotSoS seminars are the best, so I asked my boss to send me to one. The request was left hanging in the air for weeks, just to be rejected. Because it was far away and I had to fly there and it was just too expensive. I was in tears.

And then I got this email from the local user group – NoCoug. They said they are doing a training day with Kyle Hailey. Kyle Hailey of Oak-Table fame was my hero at the time. I just finished reading Oracle Insights, and I was deeply impressed by his story of the program that could connect to the SGA directly through shared memory. I was all “Wow! Kyle Hailey! Only an hour drive away! And it costs just 250$! My boss will have to approve it! Hell, I’ll even pay for it myself!”.

And my boss did approve it. I went to the training day, and it was amazing. I learned more at that day than at the week long classes I took when I learned to be a DBA. What I learned then is still useful to me, almost every day on the job.

Obviously, I was deeply thankful to NoCoug for making it possible for me to attend this amazing event for a price my boss agreed to pay.

Back to present day: I am the training day coordinator for NoCoug. I want to create the same experience for every other DBA in our region. Top-notch training event at a price that won’t make your boss blink.

Everyone who knows me will laugh at the idea of me coordinating a training day. I usually can’t coordinate my own breakfast. But this is so important to me – every DBA should be able to be better at his job by learning from the best experts.

I also knew just who should lead my first training event – Tanel Poder is one of the best experts I know (Probably at the top 3 of my personal ranking), his blog and scripts and systematic troubleshooting ideas completely changed the way DBAs work. In a very good way.

And he agreed to give his famous “Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting” at North California, and we agreed on dates and prices, and I found a location. The impossible happened and I almost coordinated a training day.

Now I just need people to register so the event can really happen. I desperately want everyone to know about this event. I know it can improve the way people work so much its really a shame if someone will miss the opportunity. So even though I’m just a simple DBA and not a marketing expert, I’m going to do my best and annoy the hell out of everyone just to make sure that every single DBA in North California will know about this event. I even put a small funny looking ad in my blog.

If you can help me here by spreading the word to your NorCal friends – I’ll really appreciate the help.

Advice on how to do non-annoying marketing for the event will also be appreciated. I know some of you have been promoting your own events for years. Please share your experience!


5 Comments on “I Love NoCoug Training Days”

  1. chet says:

    All that I’ve read about NoCoug, I’m envious. I need to work to get the Tampa version close to that level.

    As far as marketing goes…just keep doing what you are doing. Your enthusiasm for it is usually enough. Twitter helps as well. IANAME (I am not a marketing expert) of course, but I love what I do and that is sometimes all you need.

  2. Ido says:

    would love to participate but it’s too far away… 🙂

  3. prodlife says:

    Actually, I’m surprised the Israeli OUG don’t bring more top level experts to give seminars. I think Tom Kyte is the only guru to visit Israel, and while he is great, you are really missing on tons of other great people.

    • Ido says:

      you’re right.. the ILOUG mostly deals with local experts. Actually, my CTO is part of the ILOUG leaders so I should really talk to him about it.
      would love to have some names of experts from the states though 🙂

  4. prodlife says:

    @chet – our local OUG rocks, but its tons of work to keep it up, and frankly with all the online social networks, maybe the time of the local user groups is over.

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