NoCoug Spring Conference – May 21

I’m into local things these days. I try to buy food at the local farmers market and my books in local book stores. I’m lucky to live in California where the farmer markets contain tons of fresh veggies even in February, and the local book shop carries several copies of “Cost Based Fundamentals”  🙂

I’m also happy when I can get my Oracle Geekery locally. I mean,  I enjoy meeting DBAs from all over the world in the big international conferences. But practically speaking, my next job is more likely to come from the DBA I met at a local user group and tells me about that great company he is working for, and the local OUG is where I meet the guys (and girls) that I can call up when I’m completely stuck on a problem, or if I want to meet someone to have a drink and talk shop for a bit.

Local user groups rule. Especially in California.

After all that chat, here are my reasons for telling my bosses that I’ll be on training on May 21st and they can only call me on emergencies:

  1. Cary Millsap will be giving the keynote and a presentation. I’m a huge fan of his 🙂
  2. Gaja Krishna Vaidyanatha will be presenting “The SAN is Guilty… Until Proven Otherwise!”. He is such a good presenter that you’ll enjoy this even if you don’t have SAN.
  3. I’m giving my “Streams Troubleshooting” presentation. If you ever stared at the screen helpless while streams simply did not work, you probably want to attend. I have tons of experience to share.
  4. Dave Abercrombie from Convio will talk about session tagging for end-to-end monitoring and troubleshooting. I met him at HotSos – he’s a good speaker with great approach to monitoring.
  5. Did I mention how cheap NoCoug conferences are? I still can’t believe that you get to listen to all those great presentations + breakfast + lunch for 25$. I mean, this is 1% from the cost of Oracle Open World, and you get so much more value.
  6. Its a good chance to catch up with my local Oracle friends.
  7. People go to me and say “Hey! I love your blog!” 🙂
  8. I’m not in the office. This is almost like vacation, but it doesn’t count as PTO because I’m in a conference.

See you there!

6 Comments on “NoCoug Spring Conference – May 21”

  1. Hi Chen,

    If I had the funds, I would attend NoCOUG conference. Unfortunately, I lost my job 3 months ago and in spite of many years of experience and OCP, it is difficult to find ANY Oracle job right now. I may have to move to India, Brazil or China to find work as this is where the American jobs are being outsourced to. Now I just need to learn Hindi.


    • prodlife says:

      While the job market isn’t amazing, there are still companies looking for experienced DBAs in the bay area. Come to NoCoug and maybe you’ll find some 🙂
      Also, I’d consider studying MySQL before studying Hindi…

  2. […] Oracle Users Group (NoCOUG) By Iggy Fernandez Oracle ACE blogger Chen Shapira listed her eight good reasons for attending NoCOUG’s spring conference on May 21 at the CarrAmerica conference center in […]

  3. good luck for your conference… I hope you will get a bottle of Californian white for your effort 😉

  4. (one word is missing of course)

  5. Steve Gere says:

    Hi Chen,
    You did a great presentation today, I’m so glad I attended. I’m especially taken with the idea of the heartbeat monitor.
    Also, I didn’t tell you in person, but I love that your twitter icon is from Questionable Content.

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