Streams on RAC

We had RAC system as streams source for 18 month now. But just today I configured a RAC as streams target.

It was somewhat of an anticlimax since there is absolutely nothing interesting to do.

We do downstream capture, so I had to place the archive logs on a shared drive. Every place where I used the SID before, I now used the DB name.

Capture and Apply processes both started on the same node. When I stopped that node, I saw the other node modifying a service called SYS${streams user}.{streams queue name}.{target db name}’ , changing it to run on the remaining node.

Then the capture and apply processes started on the remaining node and everything continued as usual.

As I said, no big deal. I just wanted to let everyone know that it is no big deal.


5 Comments on “Streams on RAC”

  1. David Mann says:

    Nice to know that it works together. I know most of us have experienced their share of sparks flying when trying to mesh two major features.

  2. B. Polarski says:

    The only Addition in RAC/streams is that the node location of the Streams process(capture or apply) is determined by the node location of the associated Queue table.

    There is also an erratic behavior: When a queue perform a forced failover to another node, it does not come back automatically on the original node after this last one comes back. This is expected. However, I could observe that sometimes the queue reverse by its own. Up to now I could not derive a precise rule on this behaviaor.

    • prodlife says:

      Yes. Queue table has node affinity and the processes will match that. The entire move seems to be managed by the “services” system. I did not see the queue move on its own yet and this sounds rather disturbing, since the processes will restart when this happens (as part of the move). I noticed that queues can be configured to start on a specific node. Maybe using this feature can solve the issue?

  3. hitesh says:

    Can you Suggest the Whatever thing We need to take care for implement Bidirectional the Stream over between RAC database and Local Database.

    Thanks in Advance

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