NoCoug Winter Conference and Method-R Seminar

North California DBAs – Mark your calanders because May is going to be a busy month 🙂

On May 19-20 Cary Millsap and Karen Morton will give their famous “Oracle Performance for Developers” seminar in Pleasanton. Register on Method-R website, but don’t forget to register to NoCoug first, so you’ll get a member discount on the seminar.

Then, May 21 is NoCoug’s Winter Conference. Cary Millsap will give the keynote, Karen Morton will talk about managing statistics (and hopefully do her magic tricks!), Gaja Krishna Vaidyanatha will give two hours of stand-up comedy about the SAN, Dave Abercrombie will talk about the user of session tags for end-to-end troubleshooting and monitoring.

I’ll also be there, this time presenting “Troubleshooting Streams”. It is an updated version of my OOW presentation. There won’t be a live demo this time, and I’ll talk much more about the way streams work and how to build systems that will require less troubleshooting in the future.

One Comment on “NoCoug Winter Conference and Method-R Seminar”

  1. Iggy Fernandez says:

    Thanks for the mention, Chen. The seminar description is at The pricing for the event is as follows:

    Early-Bird Pricing (Until April 18)
    $1000 for non-members
    $800 for members

    Regular Pricing
    $1250 for non-members
    $1000 for members

    Yes, it does cost a pretty penny to attend but I think that not attending can be far more costly to your company 🙂



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