Modifying RAC Parameters

Few commands that proved useful today and I’ll probably want to refer to in the future:

  1. Change the voting disk timeout to 3 minutes: crsctl set css misscount 180
    This is not really recommended due to increase risk of split brain issues.
  2. Changing VIP timeouts is a longer story…
    1. As oracle:
      srvctl stop instance -d -i
      srvctl stop nodeapps -n
    2. As root:
      crs_stat -p ora.<hostname>.vip > /tmp/ora.<hostname>.vip.cap
      crs_profile -update ora.<hostname>.vip -dir /tmp -o ci=120,st=120
      (ci is check_interval, st is script_timeout, both in seconds)
      crs_register ora.<hostname>.vip -dir /tmp -u
    3. Verify:
      crs_stat -p ora.<hostname>.vip | grep CHECK_INTERVAL
      crs_stat -p ora.<hostname>.vip | grep SCRIPT_TIMEOUT
    4. As oracle again:
      srvctl start nodeapps -n <hostname>
      srvctl start instance -d <dbname> -i <instname>
  3. When the machine is moved to a new segment:
    oifcfg delif -global eth0/
    oifcfg setif -global eth0/
  4. When you have a new VIP:
    srvctl modify nodeapps -n hostname -A new_vip/

I’m not one to insist on a friendly interface and certainly not on GUI, but I could appreciate a bit more consistency.

3 Comments on “Modifying RAC Parameters”

  1. sq says:

    I wish RAC/clusterware were as easy to reconfigure as ocfs2. At least ocfs2 is just one configuration file.

  2. Philip Newlan says:

    You should state that using crs_profile and crs_register against ora. resources is unsupported by Oracle

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