News from NoCOUG

Some updates regarding my favorite user group.

  1. Our next conference is at February 12 in Oracle’s location at Redwood Shores. We’ll have keynote and two presentations by Tom Kyte! This doesn’t happen often and I hope you won’t miss it.
    I’ll also give a presentation, but since it is parallel with one of Tom’s sessions, I won’t be surprised to find myself speaking to a very empty room.
  2. If you live in North California, enjoy learning about Oracle technologies and did not yet register for next year’s NoCoug membership, you should definitely do so this month. NoCoug membership rates and conference fees will go up starting Feb 1st, so you can save real money by joining now.
  3. NoCoug members get special discount at HotSos. The discount is actually higher than the NoCoug membership fee, so if you plan to attend HoSos, it will be absurd not to join NoCoug.
  4. I created a facebook group for NoCoug, you can join to recieve updates about our activities.
  5. After half year of volunteering at NoCoug, I finally joined the NoCoug board. I was voted the training day coordinator. Wish me luck 🙂

8 Comments on “News from NoCOUG”

  1. Surachart says:


    That is good for Oracle people live at there.
    I feel envy…;) I haven’t chanced about that (Presentation by Tom Kyte).

    Thank You for Your Article.


  2. prodlife says:

    I thought you attended OpenWorld? Maybe I’m mixing you up with someone else…

    Anyway, yes, we are lucky to have such a great conference next month. Tom Kyte is an amazing presenter and I’m looking forward to attend. (Even though I’ll miss his second session because I’ll be speaking to an empty room!)

  3. Mohan Dutt says:

    Many congratulations on your election as NoCOUG Training Co-ordinator!

  4. Dan Norris says:

    Congrats, Chen! I do like the NoCOUG very much and look forward to participating in a future conference again.

    As one that has attended one of the quarterly training days, I can fully endorse the effort that is put into assembling a good lineup of presentations each quarter for the members. I sure wish there was something that big and active in Chicagoland, but there isn’t. So, I occasionally come to the NoCOUG events (and they are nice enough to invite me to present from time to time). Looking forward to visiting with you at Hotsos!

  5. prodlife says:

    @Mohan – Thanks!

    @Dan –
    The amount of effort that goes into these quarterly conferences was difficult to believe, but I’m sure you knew that already. You did have a nice RAC conference in Chicago last year. Maybe the next RAC event can be in San Francisco? In any case, we’d love to see you present at NoCoug again. The presentation about authentication turned out to be surprisingly useful.
    Looking forward to see you at HotSoS!

  6. Surachart says:


    Yes, I attended Oracle Open World… That’s a good thing in my life with Oracle.

    Wish you have a great conference.


  7. Dan Norris says:

    The RAC Attack-style event isn’t tied to Chicago necessarily. No reason it couldn’t be put on in the bay area. Would NoCOUG be interested in sponsoring it? I’m game for sure! Jeremy ( and I are talking about updates already and a future offering too, so I think he’s probably in as well. Let me know what we should do next (probably continue this via email…).

  8. How was it Chen? I hope the Tom Kyte room was small enough that people prefer coming to your conference rather than sitting on the floor 😉

    I am sure you did well!

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