Thoughts About Management

Another year gone by. I found out that I learned quite a bit about management this year. Possibly more this year than during the year I was a team lead myself. Which just goes to show that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

  1. Good managers know what is important to them and they make sure the important things are done.
  2. Good managers can make performance reviews a positive experience.
  3. Good managers are honest. They are straightforward. They say things as they are. Good managers often have a “we got lemons, lets make Limoncello” attitude, but they will not say that the lemons are oranges.
  4. Good management is about trust and respect. This is very related to the previous point. Your manager trusts you and respects you, so he is honest, as a result you trust him and respect him, and when he says “I did everything I could for you”, you know he did.
  5. Technologists tend to give more trust and respect to managers who get their hands dirty with technical work from time to time. Its not mandatory, but it helps. It is definitely important that you’ll be able to recognize good work and achievements when you see them, and similarly recognize when someone is having trouble. Another thing that helps is when your team overhear you fight for them or praise them to a third party.
  6. Good managers know how to make their team members and projects visible. Everyone will talk about the amazing work their team is doing. Being a good manager seems to require some marketing skills.
  7. Cool management trick: After your team worked insane hours on a critical project for few days, send them home early or tell them to take a day off. If they say that they have something that need to be done, tell them you’ll do it instead of them. This has three benefits – the team will love you, they will be refreshed and work better after their mini vacation and they’ll feel better about giving extra effort on the next big project.

2 Comments on “Thoughts About Management”

  1. chet says:

    well said (written). I did one last year on my manager at the time, Many of those traits you mentioned he had…in fact he had all of them.

    Though we wouldn’t get a day off, we’d get a party!

  2. prodlife says:

    Good managers are a blessing, and other managers are a learning experience 🙂

  3. Robert Klemme says:

    Very true indeed! Unfortunately good managers are as rare as good developers (or DBAs for that matter) – and they can spoil more people’s work lives than others. If you find a good one, try to keep her.


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