Inspiring People

Some people are inspiring. They bring out the best in everyone around them, causing them to do more and better than they previously believed possible. I want to thank some of the people who inspired me this year.

Laurent Schneider got me to read documentation, catch mistakes, file SR about every problem in the product and not to give up until it is solved, use awk, use bash, learn advanced sql features, to make a point is with very few words and a short script and to never ever write a book.

Rob van Wijk changed the way I give presentations for the better when he said “Tell a story”. This must be a record for inspiring the biggest change in fewest words. I hear these words whenever I open powerpoint.

Jonathan Lewis got me to write more and better test cases after listening to him for one hour and reading one chapter in his book. He showed me that you can never be too accurate.

Kathy Sierra inspired me to push my limits so I can be f*cking amazing. And how effective graphics can be when explaining ideas.

Omer Shapira inspired me to document everything, share ideas, read the source code, write more code, really understand how things work. But most of all he inspired me to get out there and push the pedals, even when it is 5am and cold and dark and it hurts.

Hanan Hit got me to volunteer for the local user group and give to the oracle community some real work and not just my words. He also inspired me to learn more about storage, network and operating systems because a good DBA should know everything.

It is a strange process. None of those people told me to do anything, but when talking to them, listening to them or reading them, I suddenly I have the urge to work in a different way. Usually it is a harder, but a better way to do things.

Tonight I’ll drink to all the people who made last year such a wonderful year, and to the exciting things we’ll do next year.

6 Comments on “Inspiring People”

  1. The annoying point with bash is that it does not support
    cd old new

    Just joking 😉 HAPPY NEW YEAR

  2. Dotan Mazor says:

    “causing them to do more and better than they previously believed possible”

    Reminds me of my drill instructors 🙂

    After meeting them, 20 seconds seemed like enough time to do anything…

  3. chet says:

    I like this, naming those who have inspired you.

    I’ve had a few as well; some know, some don’t know. I’m always looking for people to inspire me and I’m thankful I have one now…

  4. Chen, YOU are inspiring, so much! Because of your enthusiasm
    and the way you expose your thought.
    My wish for the new year is to become inspiring too for someone 😉
    Happy New Year!

    • prodlife says:

      Thank you, Ludovico. You made my day 🙂
      It was definitely my wish to be inspiring to people and I’m glad it sometimes works.

  5. […] a simple DBA on a complex production system) provides a retrospective of 2008 through the prism of inspiring people, those that she believes made her by their example a better DBA. I think this is a blog all of us […]

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