Troubleshooting Streams @ Openworld Unconference

Thanks for everyone who attended the session – you were attentive, intelligent and supportive audience, I couldn’t have hoped for better. I was especially stoked to see Lewis Cunningham in the audience, since he i an expert on the topic. Thank you Lewis for giving encouraging nods throughout the session 🙂
I definitely got an appetite for speaking a bit more, and I’m now furiously scribbling and sending abstracts. I hope to see you in my future presentations. 

I promised to upload my material, so here we go:


  • Powerpoint (including the component diagram)
  • Script for creating the replication environment (intentionally buggy!) and also (working) script for removing the replication. This creates replication from HR schema to a new schema called MYHR, but only  replicates one table.
  • Script with troubleshooting queries used in the session.

6 Comments on “Troubleshooting Streams @ Openworld Unconference”

  1. I look forward to reading your stuff. I spent the better part of my week debugging and troubleshooting a vendors Streams implementation.

  2. girlgeek says:

    Speaking again? Would you consider NoCoug? Especially for those poor, would be, attendees who got ordered back to work on Thursday.

  3. LewisC says:

    Hi Chen,

    I wouldn’t call myself an expert, just someone who has used it a bit. I thought you had a great presentation and a great approach. You came it from the aspect of someone having problems and how to fix it. I think that’s important.

    I look forward to seeing you speak again.


  4. prodlife says:

    I hope you’ll find my material useful 🙂

  5. prodlife says:

    I’ll be happy to speak at NoCoug. If Randy will have a free spot for me at the winter conference, I may just do that.

  6. prodlife says:

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I look forward to seeing you present.

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