OpenWorld Once Again

In 18 days I’ll be attending Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco.

Last year I was extremely nervous about attending – It was my first time at a conference ever. This year I feel like a veteran.
I recognize many of the speakers, some are almost friends (even if we never met). I have a much better feel toward which sessions are worthwhile and which are a waste of time.
I’m preparing lists of annoying questions to ask at the demo grounds (Single best feature of OpenWorld which I didn’t use nearly enough last year).
I know that when I’ll sit down in OTN lounge, I’ll recognize few faces. Meet friends. Get to talk to smart people who are just as passionate as I am about Oracle.
I’m planning to give an unconference session, streams live demo is itching my fingertips waiting to get out. Writing this here is of course a way to keep me from chickening out like I did last year.

One of the many things I’m planning to do this year different than last year is to attend more diverse sessions. Some for DBAs and some for developers, some about performance and some about availability, some about the OS and some about applications, some about things I do all the time and some about technologies I barely touch.

I’m looking forward to meet great people, hear interesting sessions, have interesting conversations, and come back to work hyped up and energized about all things Oracle.


6 Comments on “OpenWorld Once Again”

  1. Dan Norris says:

    I’m hoping to spend a lot more time in the unconference area this year, so I’ll be looking for your session up on the big board! 🙂 A juicy streams demo would make for great unconf content I think…good luck!

  2. I wish I could come to your unconference !!!

  3. girlgeek says:

    I’m going to seriously try to attend.

    Laurent, are you not going to make it this year? I’m disappointed.

  4. OCP Advisor says:

    Look forward to attending your unConference session!

  5. prodlife says:

    Just rescued your comment from my overeager spam filter 🙂
    I’ll see you at OTN lounge and maybe even get taped by Sheeri!

  6. prodlife says:

    Thanks OCP Advisor 🙂

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