OpenWorld 2008 – Did you vote?

In a classic better-late-than-never move, I noticed that Oracle Mix site allows you to vote on Open World sessions. I should have noticed it before (say, in time to submit my own ideas!), because people mentioned it to me, but this just slipped through.

At least it was not too late to vote for interesting sessions. I was amazed by the number of sessions proposed. Lots of the sessions sound sexy and relevant. The best thing is that when looking through the sessions that appealed to me, I noticed that I don’t recognize many of the names. This is terrific, because as much as I enjoy hearing the usual gurus, sometimes I feel that after three conferences things begin to repeat themselves with same speakers and same topics all the time. I assume that this is because conference organizers prefer to stay on the safe side with well known gurus, but I really welcome the opportunity to hear some new voices in the Oracle community.

So if you didn’t vote yet, I recommend looking through the proposal lists. I bet you’ll find a few that you’ll want to vote for.


4 Comments on “OpenWorld 2008 – Did you vote?”

  1. Doug Burns says:

    I agree. I always like to hear from people I haven’t heard before. I think it’s a combination of conference organisers inviting people that have spoken before, so they know what’s involved, but it’s also that the same people tend to have the confidence to submit. It’s important that everyone who thinks they might have something to offer gives it a go, to keep things fresh, and I’ve made a point of encouraging others. It’s not difficult to come up with a good presentation, although it takes time, and most people have something interesting they can talk about that they’ve worked on. The more, the merrier.

  2. prodlife says:

    I know what you mean about confidence to submit! It is very difficult to convince yourself that you know something that is worth presenting.

  3. Jake says:

    You guys need to give yourselves more credit. This is a great network effect and one of the key reasons we built Mix, i.e. to empower the community.

    It’s too late to submit ideas, but you can vote until July 13. Then start ruminating on your big idea for next year.

  4. Jack Flynn says:

    Keep in mind for next year that you can submit a winning idea without obligating yourself to present the session personally. When you submit, you can specify that you will present, or leave it up to Oracle to choose the presenter. This year be sure to vote. Next year … who knows.

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