Few Links of the Week and a Biased Recommendation

Because Pythian’s Log Buffer is missing due to unexpected appendix, and I can’t leave my readers with nothing to do all weekend.

Jonathan Lewis suggests browsing through V$SQL and provides a nice script.

OracleNerd explains how to shop for cars using SQL. I thought I’m nerdish for planning my purchases in Excel, but SQL is by far a nerdier method.

Marco Gralike gives a very cute HTTPURI example.

Tanel Poder shows the memory overhead of generating rows with “connect by” and shows a short and sweet solution.

Laurent Schneider’s Advanced Oracle SQL Programming book is now available for sale on Amazon. I’ve been lucky to get the chance to review the book. It covers some of the most advanced and exciting aspects of SQL programming, and it is full of useful, practical examples. Almost everyone who uses Oracle SQL regularly in his work can benefit from the information and ideas in this book. I know my programming skills improved significantly from reviewing it (and even my co-workers noticed!).

Not many posts this week. Maybe it is related to Euro2008?


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