New Look

I wanted the fancy code formatting to look better on my blog.  Besides, the design was too monochromatic and the links on the side-bar were difficult to read.

So I’m trying out a new design, and as an added bonus, my blog now has flowers. Flowers are usually an improvement.

Feedback on new look is welcome. If my blog is less readable than before, let me know and I’ll continue searching for a good theme. Those of you reading me from a feed shouldn’t care about the change at all.

3 Comments on “New Look”

  1. prodlife says:

    I also removed the annoying tag-cloud and replaced it with “search” and category menu.

    I tried adding a Meebo chat, but I don’t think it worked.

  2. moshez says:


    Stereotypical WordPress #1 — checked.

  3. New look is cool…nice theme…

    also that [sourcecode] stuff for code makes it beautiful…i also use it on my blog…

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