Walk to Work – California Style

Now that the weather is nice again, I decided to save a bit on gasoline and walk to work.
Here is a map of my daily commute (slightly simplified):

My house is point A and my workplace is at point G.
It doesn’t take much knowledge of geometry or parity to realize that I have two completely unnecessary road crossings in my route. These road crossings are in fact completely unnecessary, and were not added to the route simply because I want to spend more time waiting for traffic lights to change.
There is no pedestrian crossing between points B and E, and there is no sidewalk between points D and G. So I either take the scenic route or I jaywalk on a very busy street during commute hour.

Chicken and egg problem: Americans never walk because their streets are so incompetently designed, or perhaps street design is incompetent because people who never walk don’t notice how annoying this is?

And for those of you who expected Oracle related content, I’ll send you to an excellent and thought provoking article, uploaded by Daniel Fink – the OptimalDBA.

6 Comments on “Walk to Work – California Style”

  1. Finally you found a real business case for Oracle RAC – need 8 nodes to calculate a better suitable route;-)

  2. Boneist says:

    No crossing between point A and B I take it? *{;-)

  3. Asif Momen says:

    Hmm… looking at the execution plan, I feel if you are able to create an index (bridge) between A and G, you would be saving considerable amount of CPU time (walk time)….. 😉

  4. prodlife says:

    This is terrific! I write a post completely unrelated to Oracle, and I immediately get suggestions to use RAC and add indexes!

    Obviously the data model is faulty and all these work arounds can’t solve the problems of the fundamentally flowed architecture!

  5. scott says:

    How far is the cross-walk in the opposite direction from AB? Seems you could cross the street there, continue to E (assuming a sidewalk) and then be on the optimal path.

  6. prodlife says:

    Crossing from A-C side to D-E side of street is only possible at C to D crossing. The street is extremely busy (an expressway) and this is the only traffic light.

    Thanks 🙂

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