Researching Resource Manager

This week I’ve been looking into Oracle’s resource manager. It is a bit like “nice” for Oracle, only smarter and more complicated.

The idea is that you can create “consumer groups”, which is subsets of sessions divided by different criteria, and then decide how much CPU each group will get

There are relatively few resources around, so for mine and your convenience, I’ll list them here:

Oracle’s Database Administrator Guide is the most complete guide to resource manager. Everything is there.

PL/SQL Reference documents the DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGER package. Can’t live without it, but they decided not to include any usage examples in the guide which makes it slightly less useful than I’d like, and forced me to go back and forth between the PL/SQL reference and the admin guide like crazy.

Jim Czuprynski at DBAsupport has a 3 part article about resource manager. Its only 9i, but it has very detailed examples and explanations. Part 3 contains test scripts. I found it very useful.


2 Comments on “Researching Resource Manager”

  1. Don Seiler says:

    As we speak I am sitting in Schaumburg, Illinois at the Oracle 10gR2 DBA Workshop II taught by the very same Jim Czuprynski, and covered resource manager yesterday.

    Very cool stuff. Especially if you tie jobs and job classes to consumer groups and change plans with windows.

  2. Ralph Byrd says:

    I have found in our CPU bound system Resource Manager significantly reduced latch waits. Simply by being on. I have not verified a corelated increase in through-put, but hope to do so.

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