Links of the Week – #4

Friday morning is not complete without going over the latest Log Buffer and choosing few good articles to read over the weekend. Problem is that the last two Log Buffers are too MySQL oriented for me, and missing terrific posts from Oracle blogs.

As a service to my readers, here are the missing posts:

Rob Van-Wijk demonstrates the non-intuitive (but well documented) behavior of date format element ‘ww’.

Don Seiler found a bug with v$sql_bind_capture.

Tom Kyte doesn’t like a common exception handling technique.

Michael Dinh shows how to drop database (don’t try this on production!)

Christian Bilien has an excellent post about throughput.

Jared Still detects numbers with Translate().

Not exactly Oracle, but Steven Feuerstein wrote a fascinating post about Singapore.

Enjoy the weekend!

One Comment on “Links of the Week – #4”

  1. mdinh says:

    Thanks for the link and the not safe for production emphasis.

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