DBA on a deserted island

Sometimes I like asking myself – If I had to manage large databases at a deserted island, what tools would I take with me? What do I really use day in and day out and would not like to admin my DB without?

Lets start building the system from ground up:

Netapp storage will be a must. I’m addicted to many of Netapp capabilities, such as snapshots and flexible cloning, and it would be difficult to live without them. I also prefer my storage on NFS.

The servers would be Intel, 64 bit, lots of memory, several fast network cards. I don’t care about much more than that.

Linux, of course. I’m used to RH, but will work with anything. Bash, perl, gvim, sar, vmstat, top, ps, ssh and all my scripts and aliases should be included. Don’t forget to install rlwrap.

The DB? Oracle of course. works great, but 11 may be more fun. Can I take both? Throw in few patches.  Throw in the relevant Oracle documentation and books, can I also download the PSOUG library?

It is not absolutely mandatory, but performance tuning goes much faster with proper tools. Either Confio’s or Oracle’s will do.

Thats it. I’m ready to rock 🙂

Needless to say, I did not get payed by any vendor for mentioning them here. On the contrary, my company pays them quite a bit and they deliver the goods.


5 Comments on “DBA on a deserted island”

  1. Dan Norris says:

    Good list. You forgot the truckload of caffeine-laden drinks, though. Coconut juice isn’t caffeinated, is it? I think one of the easiest ways to make DBs easier to manage is to throw away your cell phone so pesky customers can’t call you to ask when it’ll be up again (every 2 mins)!

  2. TDDPirate says:

    In a real deserted island, where are the sources of data to populate the data warehouse which you would be administering?

    Could Not Resist (TM)

  3. prodlife says:


    Right. Espresso is a must. Cellphone is not 🙂

  4. prodlife says:

    Hi Pirate,

    Good to see you here!

    I thought that I can do off-shoring services. Maybe to banks, because my deserted island is very secure?

    I recall that the first hosting facility I worked with was called Digital Island.

  5. Rudy says:

    Yea and a broadband internet connection. Wouldn’t you miss those intriguing Lost episodes, would you?

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