Log Buffer #80 – A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Couple of weeks ago, when I asked Dave Edwards of the Pythian Group to let me edit Log Buffer edition #80, I just wanted to reserve an edition with a nice round number. As it turned out, I got to write Log Buffer for an incredibly exciting week.

Breaking news: Sun bought MySQL (and everyone is blogging about it).
Groklaw site posts The Details on the Deal, including the announcement, responses of the primary players and big media coverage. Brian “Krow” Aker posts very quick thoughts, Kaj Arno talked to MySQL founders, and Matt Asay on CNet blogs posted a good analysis on what it all means for the software industry. Reading the posts you can see that everyone is celebrating this incredible change for the open source database and the largest ever open source deal. Well, maybe except for Sheeri Cabral who is a bit worried. The nice thing about blogs is that you can read many opinions and pick your side – Paul Vallee is not worried and thinks it is great. Between Sheeri and Paul, Pythian Blogs provided lots of coverage for this event and if you want to read (and hear!) more about this topic, head over to the MySQL category of Pythian blogs.

The other big news of the week is that Oracle bought BEA, a bit less exciting because BEA is neither a database nor open source. Eye on Oracle provided good coverage and asks for your opinions, while Lucas Jellema of Amis Technology Blog posted several different opinions about the deal.

Oracle released another Critical Patch Update. Matt Asay of Cnet Blogs is shocked to hear that 66% of Oracle users will not install it. Pete Finnigan is not shocked at all but thinks it is time to get over our collective fear of patches. Jaykumar Vijayan on Computer World blog posts reader opinions who collectively say that when CPUs are not applied it is not the DBA fault. For those who are wondering, I will be installing Jan08 CPU on all our production servers within this quarter.

On other Oracle news: Laurent Schneider made a typo and discovered that in SQL white space can be optional, Tanel Poder thinks that this flexibility can be viewed as a feature, but Red Database Security thinks this can be security threat.

Jonathan Lewis posted great tips for troubleshooting and Richard Foote explains reverse indexes and then explains them some more.

In SQL Server blogs Decipher Information Systems posted a simple script for capturing DB size and showed how data can be moved in and out of partitions. In SQL Team blogs, Joe Webb posts instructions on how to reclaim unused space in a table, and Dan Guzman explains the significance of database owner.

More news about Open Source Databses: MySQL DBA posts about problems with version 5.0.51, and warns not to use O_DIRECT with EXT3, Xaprb explains how to speed up MySQL replication slaves and Mark Schoonover posts about a linked-in group for MySQL certified professionals.
In Database Soup, Josh Berckus tells PostgreSQL DBAs to stay updated with the current security patches. Postgres fans may also want to read David Fetter‘s blog, he posts a weekly summary of Postgres News.

Thats it for Log Buffer #80. Plenty of links this week. Remember that you don’t have to read them all at once – you have the entire weekend for catching up on the news.

3 Comments on “Log Buffer #80 – A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs”

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  2. Rudy says:

    Please commit more frequently. There are too many links to read in this log buffer! 🙂

  3. prodlife says:

    Rudy, I think you got a point there. It also took lots of time to write to disk!

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