Interesting observation about “drop user cascade”

Started two “drop user cascade” one from sqldeveloper on my machine and the other by ssh to the server and running local sqlplus (normal run, didn’t use nohup or anything like this). Each of the users had about 70,000 objects, so few hours later when I had to go home, I closed my sqldeveloper (reasoning that it can’t possibly cause a rollback), left the ssh session open, disconnected my laptop from the network, and went home.

The next morning – the user I was deleting from sqldeveloper had the same number of objects as it did when I closed the client last night. But the user I deleted through ssh and sqlplus was completely deleted. Obviously the server process didn’t notice that the client went away and continued to run.


One Comment on “Interesting observation about “drop user cascade””

  1. Richard says:

    Here’s an interesting SQL Developer exercise:
    Open up SQL Developer, connect to a scratchpad database, and issue “SELECT * FROM DBA_JOBS;”
    From SQL*Plus, connect to the same database and create a few jobs using DBMS_JOB.
    From SQL*Plus, remove the jobs just created. Check that they really have gone by issuing “SELECT * FROM DBA_JOBS;”
    From SQL Developer, issue “SELECT * FROM DBA_JOBS;”. The jobs are still there!!! For a while, at least.

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