Back to work links

Today was a very busy day at Oracle blogs – everyone is back from vacation with new ideas for posts and I found myself bookmarking six excellent posts today. I’ve never read so much good stuff in a single day before. Of course I have to share them:

Tanel Poder explains why parameter count can change in mid session.

Crazy DBA wants his users to check the facts.

Steven Feuerstein uses few colorful characters to demonstrate a PL/SQL best practice.

Frits Hoogland found out that you can’t mix VMWare and OProfile. Maybe he should use Xen, instead?

Babette Turner-Underwood found a great 11g Data Pump feature.

Structured Data post about a terrific SQL tuning monitor in 11g.

Richard Foote tells about an important change in the way statistics are collected by default in 10g. I now have to review statistics for some key tables and make sure they make sense.

All this in a single day! Thats too good to be true!

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