Oracle OpenWorld – Day 3

9:45 – Current Trends in Database Performance – A great start for what will be a great day. Andrew Holdsworth gave a fascinating session with many practical take aways. I wish I could summarize his talk here, but it would take me an hour and several pages, so maybe I’ll discuss it a bit in a later post.

11:15 – Best Practices for DBAs – I generally dislike the idea of best practices, and would have skipped the session except that I liked Arup Nanda’s articles in OTN and wanted to attend his session. It was a mistake. While Mr. Nanda is an energetic and engaging speaker, I still have a problem when some random practices of differing qualities are being promoted as being the best.

3:00 – RAC Performance Management – It would have been a terrific 3 hour session, but as a one hour session it simply went way too fast for me to understand. I got the part about diagnosing interconnect problems, but when they got to GC contention, congestion and latency – I simply could not follow. I wish Oracle would offer a one day seminar on the topic. I would love to attend that.

4:00 – Lutz Hartman’s unconference session about ASM – Made me wonder if migrating to ASM is really that simple, or perhaps it only seems so when an expert like Lutz is doing this.


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