Last day at Oracle OpenWorld

10:00 – RAC Internals – Fascinating session. The speakers covered some of the mysterious clusterware processes, explained how RAC manages group membership, how it protects us from the horrible split brain (I wish they had more details about IO fencing), what it OCR and how to manage it, and finally VIP explained! Did you know that when a node fails and the VIP moves to a different machine, the entire purpose of the exercise is to drop connections faster? That the VIP on the new node can’t accept connections? That was entirely new to me.

11:30 – Direct NFS – There were 3 speakers sharing the session, but Kevin Closson is by far the best of the three. He is simply an amazing speaker, probably the best I’ve heard in OOW. So, why use DNFS instead of traditional NFS?  It is easier to manage and configure, you can run Oracle with NFS on Windows (no idea why anyone would do that, but Kevin thought it was rather cool), and if you have multiple NICs for your NFS, DNFS will scale far better than the old “teaming”.

I’ve had some spare time before my next session, and I spent it by buying few books in the Oracle Bookstore. Two RAC books (because I’ve obviously didn’t satisfy my need for RAC information in this conference), one PL/SQL book and one “Best Software Writing” book for some light reading.

2:00 – Laurent Schneider’s unconference session about SQL Model –  SQL Model statement is a bit complicated, I’ve looked into it several times in the past, only to promptly disregard it as a nice idea but something too complicated to use in real applications.
With Laurent explaining it, SQL Model suddenly becomes accessible and practical. As something I may use when generating my next report and that will make things easier rather than more difficult. The session was really that good. He even posted the examples he used in his blog, so everyone can review it.


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