My Oracle OpenWorld 2007 schedule

It is tough building a schedule – seems like all the presentations I want to attend are at the exact same time. And then half of the “unconference” sessions are not even scheduled yet. Anyway, here is what I came up with:

Sunday – I’m still debating whether or not I’ll attend Larry Ellison’s keynote. On one hand, everyone says it will be great. On the other hand, I’m not staying in SF, so it means another commute from the valley, and I’m not sure Larry Ellison is worth two hours commute.


11:00 AM – Grid Design with Oracle RAC
1:15 PM – DBA 2.0 (This clashes with Steven Feuerstein’s talk about SQL Addiction, which I also really want to attend.)
2:00 PM – Mark Hurd keynote
3:15 PM – Back-of-the-Envelope Database Storage Design
4:45 PM – Oracle Database 11g: Next-Generation Performance and Scalability (This one clashes with an Executive Solution Session about IT Governance that sounds interesting).


10:45 AM – I got automatically registered to some “Executive Solution Session” about virtualization. I’ve no idea what it is, but I’m planning to find out.
12:15 PM – Oracle RAC SIG Expert Panel
3:15 PM – Oracle Database 11g Data Pump: Data Compression, Encryption, and More
4:45 PM – The Top 10–No, 11–New Features of Oracle Database 11g
7:30 PM – The Oracle Bloggers’ meeting : the Thirsty Bear Brewing Co, 661 Howard St (Thanks APC for pointing out this gem!)

Wednesday –

8:30 AM – Keynote, Jonathan Schwartz, Sun Microsystems Inc.
9:45 AM – Current Trends in Database Performance
11:15 AM – IOUG: DBA Best Practices from the Field (I hate Best Practices, but I like Arup Nanda’s articles)
12:45 AM – Keynotes, Michael Dell and Larry Ellison. : Moscone North – Hall D
3:00 PM – Practical Performance Management for Oracle Real Application Clusters (Yes, I really am attending every RAC related session in the conference)


10:00 AM –Demystifying Oracle RAC Internals
11:30 AM – Improve the Performance and Manageability of Your NFS Environment with Oracle Database 11g Direct NFS Client (Yes! )


3 Comments on “My Oracle OpenWorld 2007 schedule”

  1. APC says:

    >> then half of the “unconference” sessions are not even scheduled yet.

    The nature of Unconference is that it is unscheduled. It’s meant to be last-minute gatherings of people to talk or discuss things. For instance, _you_ could run an Unconference session on RAC (as that seems to be your thing) and get some like-minded people together for a discussion.

    Cheers, APC

  2. APC says:

    By the way Chen, your links to the session details are all broken. The URLs are all missing the domain ( ). Blogging about schedules is almost as hard as building the things 😉

    Cheers, APC

  3. prodlife says:

    Hi APC,

    The links are now working 🙂

    Yes, I got the unconference thing, but since some people already announced on the wiki that they are planning to talk, and since there are some sessions I really want to attend, knowing in advance when I’ll get to attend them could have been useful.

    See, now I have to hope that you won’t get the 3pm session on Wed, so I can attend you PL/SQL design discussion and still not miss RAC performance presentation.

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