Links of the Week – #3

Once again, here’s what I enjoyed reading this week. Not all of it is database related:

Jeremy Schneider diagnosed busy waits in a RAC environment. This article and its follow up are probably the most educational articles I’ve read this week.

On oracle-l mailing list, Tanel Poder explains how to set the window title for SQL Plus client running in windows.

Don Seiler had lots of fun with CBO, and lived to tell the tale.

Jeff Hunter was very unhappy with Oracle support. Getting Oracle to backport fixes is indeed difficult.

Dominic Delmolino introduced me to V$OSSTAT and explained how he finds out about new features.

Marc Andersen found a good quote in a book about the panic of 1907.

Gretchen Rubin wants everyone to start a happiness project. Maybe I’ll give her ideas a try.

It was fashion week in NY this week, get updated on what to wear this season. I can’t wait to see how many readers will click on this link.

Enjoy the weekend.


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