Links of the week – #2

Here’s what I enjoyed reading this week. Warning – not everything here is related to databases.

Kevin Closson wrote an article that really left me with my jaw dropped. He wrote about good IO throughput on NFS systems. The article is excellent, as usual, but the part that really knocked me over was the fact that he wrote his own dd, because he was not satisfied with the throughput he measured with oracle’s dd. Isn’t this guy unbelievable?
That’s why I was happy to read that he sometimes botches RAC installations too.

Tanel Poder wrote about running remote scripts from sqlplus through http or ftp. Definitely something that can be helpful in production, especially someone else’s production.

H.Tonguç Yılmaz wrote best practices for upgrades. He has very good advice there, so it is definitely recommended reading.

On oracle-l list, Anurag Verma asked a good question about block recovery and got some good answers.

My favorite SQL Server blogger wrote a good parable about data types. I’m still troubled by the fact that he ran into so many DBAs that misuse data types so badly.

Paul Graham wrote more advice for startups, and Marc Andersen has a tip too. The Corporate Cynic describes one of the most annoying things you can hear from a manager or a co-worker.

In BMJ, a medical ethics journal, I’ve read an article about Hyperactivity in children: the Gillberg affair. The article describes an academic disagreement between Swedish psychiatric researchers that quickly escalated into law suits. If you think that some Oracle consultants are fighting dirty, you should read what those Swedish scientists do.

I think I’ve got addicted to writing blog summaries, and I have to admit that its more enjoyable writing them when I don’t have to look for Postgres articles in the name of database objectivity.

Botched installations and funny new features
Tips for upgrading and NFS measures
Blocks that recover and startups that jinx
These are a few of my favorite links

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