Becoming a better DBA

I’ve read Coskan’s post about invalid DBAs and now I’m a bit worried that I’m nearly invalid. Too many of the traits he mentioned hit too close home.

So, here’s how I plan to recompile my professional skills:

  1. Read the concepts guide. I’ve read parts of it, but it is probably time to give it a more through read.  Pretty much everyone agrees that one cannot be a good DBA without reading it.
  2. Learn to do wait interface tuning. Start by reading  the book and trying out the ideas in the test system. I know the theory, but currently I do all the wait interface analysis using Ignite for Oracle. A marvelous tool, but a DBA should know how to get along without fancy tools.
  3. Get more acquainted with Oracle security. Maybe start by reading Pete Finnigan‘s papers.
  4. Get Certified! This will instantly make me a better DBA, no?

This short list will probably keep me occupied well into the end of the year. Especially the performance tuning part – Millisap’s book is not exactly a short and easy read for the next flight. Hopefully I’ll be able to start the next year as slighly less invalid DBA.


One Comment on “Becoming a better DBA”

  1. AR Yaseen says:

    hello honey,

    Your blog is very nice to read.

    Keep it up.

    Thanks & regards
    AR Yaseen
    Oracle Apps DBA

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