Thank you, NoCoug

Few weeks ago, my manager discovered that our training budget disappeared. We are still not sure where it went, but the fact was that our DBA team could not take any course this year. Quite disappointing, as we planned going to HotSos seminar and take a RAC course. The good news was that we couldn’t afford Oracle Week either, and I hate attending this marketing event.

Upper Management thinks that training for DBAs is a waste of both time and money. They think we can learn everything we need from books and online, so when the budget is in trouble, the training is the first thing they cut out. Not very smart. A bit like eating your seeds instead of planting them. I’ve been trying to explain the added value of seminars and courses. The intensity of the learning experience, the value of interacting with other DBAs and hearing about their issues and ideas. I really believe that the value we bring back from HotSoS seminar is well worth the price. He-who-controls-the-budget remained unconvinced.

I was all but resigned to have a boring year without any courses or seminars, when I received news that NoCoug – North California Oracle User Group is having a performance training day with Kyle Haily. The best part is that this training day, which sounds very interesting and useful, costs only 250$. At this rate, I was happy to pay for it out of my own pocket, but my manager came through and got me reimbursed for it anyway.

So now I have a good training day to look forward to. Thank you NoCoug and Kyle Haily. I hope you’ll do this more often.

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