Installing Oracle 11g

I didn’t install Oracle 11g. Augusto Bott over at Pythian group installed 11g on Ubuntu, which is really cool considering how Ubuntu is not officially supported and all. What’s the challenge in installing Oracle on a supported platform?

Apparently, the challenge is finding Oracle 11g to install. I’ve no idea how Augusto got his copy. I guess you have to have an insider access to Oracle for it, because I’ve searched OTN today and all I found was a bunch of whitepapers. Fascinating reading, but not what I wanted. I thought 11g was released already, but it doesn’t seem to be fully released.

So, here I am, itching to play with the new toy, and all I can do is read articles about how the other kids are having tons of fun with it.

If any of my kind readers happened to be an Oracle insider and know how to get a copy, please feel free to drop me a line, or better yet – a CD!


3 Comments on “Installing Oracle 11g”

  1. If you contact with your local Oracle office they can supply you the new release, there are beta testers all around the world and they experience the new version for sometime already.

    11g is said to be commercially available on Linux sometime in August;

    Best regards.

  2. prodlife says:

    Thanks, H. Tonguç Yılmaz.
    I’ll try contacting our Oracle Office once I figure out who they are. Our development team is in Israel, and I think we are working with Oracle office over there, but I’m not sure.

    Or maybe I’ll just wait for it to appear in OTN. Should be soon now.

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