Oracle questions answered

Some people ask google interesting questions, and somehow arrive to this blog. Well, why not answer them? even if it is a bit late for those who originally searched, it may be useful to someone.

Q: copy oracle schema but no data

A: Export/Import is probably the simplest way to copy schemas.

If you use datapump, use “content=metadata_only” parameter when exporting or when importing.

If you use the old export and import, use ROWS=N parameter.



Q: why is oracle so complex?

A: All databases are complex. They have to do rather complicated things, after all. However, Oracle is the only database that doesn’t make many attempts to hide this complexity (In 10g it changed a bit). Maybe because Oracle recognizes that to get the best performance out of your database, you have to be able to tell it exactly what you want and for that you need to know exactly how the database works, you can’t have good performance if you have to go around guessing how the database will handle your requests. So now as a DBA you are exposed to all this complexity and have to make good decisions about it. If you’d rather let the database guess what you need and hope for the best, you can always use the Other DB.




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