Why I’m still not using ASM

Its simple: ASM scares me.

Every DBA knows that databases cannot be trusted: They hang, they crash, they get corrupted, they can use up all the cpu and generally speaking they can make our life difficult. File systems on the other hand, are quite harmless and most of the time they behave themselves and don’t cause issues.

So putting the file system on the database? Replacing the simple and stable system with a complex and jittery one? It never sounded like a good idea, and nothing Oracle said convinced me otherwise.

Today, I ran into a post that made me happy, because I like having my prejudices validated. Here’s the relevant quote:

” The instances won’t come up again and error ORA-01261 was reported when trying to startup a single instance from sqlplus.

So, i ended up with a bad SPFILE on an ASM diskgroup, that you cannot change unless the db is running! ”


6 Comments on “Why I’m still not using ASM”

  1. ASM is so stable.
    We have not been in any problem with ASM (Oracle 10.1) for more than 2 years.

    I love ASM!

  2. prodlife says:

    Hi Charlie,
    Actually, since I’ve written this post I met several DBAs who use ASM on large production systems and were very happy with it. They thought I’m nuts for using NFS, because NFS is so slow and unstable 🙂

    So, I’ve added testing ASM to my ever growing task list, and hopefully I’ll be able to add a positive ASM post to the blog soon.

  3. Shawn says:

    Used it over a 1 year, and it is very stable for me.

  4. […] di questo post. Il post che mi ha ispirato risale al lontano 15 Giugno 2007 ed è intitolato “Why i’m still not using ASM“. Anche io inizialmente mi sentivo inquieto utilizzando ASM, la normale paura di ciò che non […]

  5. Rudy says:

    With ASM you get direct and asynchronous I/O, optimal striping depending on file type, cluster filesystem, volume management, automatic load and disk rebalance and full OMF for free.
    So why stick to old-technology storage? 🙂

  6. prodlife says:


    Well, we do use Netapp storage, so we get most of these advantages already.
    I couldn’t really find any compelling reason to use ASM on top of a storage device. I asked the ASM people about it in OOW, and they didn’t think we need it either.

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